6 Ways to Expand Your Business

This morning I received one of those calls that I hardly look forward to getting. You probably have had calls just like this:

"Hello Mrs. Stanley, this is ABC carpet cleaning company, and we’re currently in your area cleaning carpets for other homeowners, and we’d like to offer you a free cleaning for any room in your house of a 10X10 area. We also clean couches, chairs and throw rugs. We’d like to come in and give you a free estimate for all the carpet areas in your home as well as any couches or chairs that you’d also like to be cleaned. We’re going to be right in your neighborhood this Wednesday. Does two o’clock work with your schedule?"

Did you cringe just reading that? I know I did. 

Don’t get me wrong.

It’s not a script that I mind so terribly as a script that doesn’t include the very thing that makes a prospect feel important — questions!

Hey before you waste your breath talking about carpet cleaning, wouldn’t it make sense to discover if your prospect has any carpet?

You might be familiar with these words by Rudyard Kipling...

I keep six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.

Using those 6 serving words to ask your prospect a question or two makes your prospect feel acknowledged.

Acknowledgment is something that all humans desire, and many are starved for it. You business expands when you implement ways to better acknowledge your prospects and customers.

All people desire recognition, even those who tell you they don’t. Keep that concept close at hand as you build your business.

Then remember that one of the best ways to acknowledge prospects and customers is to ask them questions. In addition to making them feel acknowledged, you afford yourself the opportunity to better respond to their needs.

This reminds me of the little boy who asked his mom:

“Where did I come from?” 

After giving a long and highly detailed explanation about how babies are made and born, the little boy says, “Oh, ‘cuz my friend Johnny comes from Texas, and I was wondering where I came from.”

I hope that made you laugh. Now consider how laughable it is that we assume what our prospects and our customers need or want without even investigating the situation with a few questions.

What are some questions you could ask your prospects that might narrow down whether or not they are prospects worth spending time with or not?

What are some questions you could ask your customers that might improve your sales presentation or customer service?

What are some questions you could ask your customers that might make you a better salesperson? 

Then pick up your phone and ask your customers some of those questions. If you're feeling to afraid to pick up your phone and talk to your customers, be sure to watch my free video "How to Call Prospects When You Lack Courage."

Separate yourself from mediocrity by doing what few salespeople ever do — put forth the effort to truly understand your prospects’ needs, wants, and fears.