About My Upline...

“Wait ‘till you hear about my upline! You won’t believe what this person did to me!”

If you have been in the direct selling industry for a few years, you have probably heard someone say something like that more than once. Too often we end up listening to such grievances instead of establishing that we believe anyone can be successful in this industry regardless of who the sponsor or upline is.

You Would Do Things Differently

Have you ever said to yourself that you would do things differently than your upline, if you were at his/her level in your company?

Unfortunately it’s not uncommon for people in this industry to come to the conclusion that their upline has done more to hinder their journey to success than to encourage it. Interestingly however, there is nothing that any upline can do to transform such conclusions.

Yes, you read that correctly – I just said that there is nothing that your upline can do to improve the situation for you.

Typically we think that it’s our upline’s responsibility to make things right for us. But ultimately each of us is responsible for our own lives. Regardless of how little your upline might support you, you are the one who decides how significant their level of support is on your journey.

Perhaps your upline hovered over you like crazy until you signed your application, and then you never heard from him/her again. Maybe you’ve seen how other people in your company get more support from their upline in a day than you receive in a year. That may very well be accurate, but you will not further your business by dwelling on that.

You might be able to share a story or two that would convince a good number of people that you are right about your upline and how unsupportive he/she has been. But do you want to be right or do you want to be successful?

Watch Out... FIRE!

Every time you insist how difficult your upline has made your journey, you add fuel to the fire, the fire entitled: “I am a victim.”

Insisting that you are a victim thwarts your business far more than anything that your upline could ever do because victims do not attract customers or high performing individuals to their team.

The next time you’re whispering something negative about someone else, imagine that you are actually shouting it on the rooftops to everyone! After all, those “little things” we say to ourselves and those “secrets” that we whisper to others reveal what we are feeling and thinking deep inside, and how we are feeling and what we are thinking attract our future circumstances.

You are probably familiar with the following quote: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Keep in mind – you don’t have to be Mahatma Gandhi to embody that quote. Indeed, every time that you feel grateful that someone stepped out of his/her comfort zone to offer you this business opportunity, every time that you take actions to move your business forward, and every time that you release your upline for being responsible for your success, you embody exactly what you wish to see in your downline!

Whatever your upline has done or has failed to do is of little consequence because the only one who has the power to move your business forward is you. Even if you had the most supportive upline imaginable, he/she would not hand you all the prospects you would ever need nor would he/she prospect for you! In this industry, you find your own prospects and you do your own prospecting.

Indeed, the wonderful thing about your business is that your success is not dependent on a supportive or exemplary upline; your success is only dependent on you. Be the recruit you wish to see in your downline and you are sure to discover just how amazing YOU are – how you are teachable and can learn whatever you need to learn to achieve what you want to achieve!

Here’s to you becoming a true  Leader!


Tammy Stanley directs The Tammy Stanley Sales Refinery. She shows how to increase sales and recruiting with irresistible offers and true leadership via keynote presentations, workshops, webinars, and audio and video training programs. Learn the methods to breakthrough any of the barriers that are in your way of achieving all that you desire to achieve in your business.