Even Facebook Is Doing This!

If you are on Facebook, I'm willing to bet that you are connected to far more people than you would be without it.

Making the connections on Facebook is the easy part; what you do with the connections you make is the challenge.

The popularity of Facebook has made it easy to reconnect with people you knew years ago. However, reconnecting with those friends from high school or college or wherever does not necessarily result in them becoming fast customers or recruits.

After getting feedback from direct sellers from over 25 different companies, the prospecting practices from one direct seller to another looked remarkably similar to the following:

I feel it’s too early to make calls in the morning so I login to Facebook. I start thinking that there's no reason to make calls if no one is going to answer, and I worry about what to say in a voice mail message. Then I don’t want to bother anyone. Then I convince myself that I don’t know anyone to call. Before I realize it, it's 4:00 in the afternoon and instead of spending my day prospecting, I’ve spent my day wandering around on Facebook!

For the last few years I've maintained that Facebook is a powerful lead generator, but it is not a complete prospecting system.

Well, Facebook has helped to confirm just how true that is because in the last week I've received not one but two phone calls from someone on the Facebook sales team and both times the caller left a personal, not an automated, message!

Would you believe they were following up with me, and while doing that, they presented an irresistible offer to do even more business with them?

Hmm... even Facebook has a sales team to call their customers on the telephone instead of reaching out to them on Facebook.

Certainly Social Media provides direct sellers a platform for generating leads, but the misnomer is that it replaces the need to prospect.

For today’s direct sellers the real opportunity is combining social media with advanced prospecting skills - by expanding one's connections on Facebook and then building solid relationships with the most powerful technological communication system available - the telephone.

The fact that Facebook has a team of people making phone calls validates the potency of personally connecting with people on the phone!

Ultimately a long list of leads is useless without a savvy prospector there to convert prospects into customers and customers into advocates.  In other words, as the number of connections you make on Facebook escalates so should the number of your prospecting conversations!

Now more than ever before the growth of the direct selling industry depends on highly competent prospectors that possess unconventional listening skills and the ability to initiate compelling conversations with irresistible offers.

Indeed, just last week the Wall Street Journal reported that, starting in January, Facebook "will intensify its efforts to filter out unpaid promotional material in user news feeds that businesses have posted as status updates."

This means that business owners will have to cough up some cash before their status updates will be seen by those "likers" they worked so hard to cultivate.
In short, Facebook is saying, "He who has the biggest list, has the power, and your list of "likers" on Facebook is actually our list that we now rent to you!"

This need not be earth-shattering news.

By combining powerful telephone prospecting skills along with your expanded connections generated from social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin, you can position yourself safely on the selling field and experience the ultimate payoff – a plethora of leads as well as a prospecting system that generates victory after victory.

Keep expanding your connections through Social Media, but do not rely on those platforms to give you free advertising forever.

In addition to that, discover the potency of personally connecting with people on that little gadget that you might even be holding in your hands as you read this!