How do I work with the price objection?

I suggest that you find a way to remove the price objection.

As an example, I used to sell a line of clothing, and I always would hear that our prices were high.

Finally I learned to begin my presentation by saying, "Ladies, it's not the price of anything that makes it expensive; it's how many times you wear it." Then I would give examples of how true that was, and no one ever objected to our price point again because it was no longer an issue.

Find a way to make your price point a non-issue.

I've always been able to justify our high food bill because our family never ever has to go to the doctor. What we have saved on doctor bills over the years, I believe, far exceeds my monthly food bill.

So, if I were selling a food supplement that makes a significant difference in one's health, I could say, "What you save from eliminating monthly doctor bills far exceeds what you invest to stay healthy and feel great."