What My Grocery Cart Revealed That Increases Sales

When I was at the grocery store the other day, I learned something by just looking in my shopping cart.

Before I tell you what that was, let me ask you:

Do you only buy one company's products when you go to the store? What a silly question, right? Of course not.

Granted, there are probably brands that you prefer. I know that there's a brand of yogurt called Fage that I am sold on. If Fage ever ventures into making cottage cheese, I'll be one of the first to stand in line to get it.


That's when the contents in my shopping cart revealed how to increase your sales and profits.

Imagine meeting a potential new customer, only to discover that he/she is already buying similar products… but from a competitor.

When that happens it is only natural for your brain to see the two following ways of dealing with the situation:

  • Convince that prospect that your products are better
  • Retreat and conclude that prospect is already “taken.”

Surely you have heard of the old expression that there are “two sides to every story.” We often think of the two sides to a story as being opposite of one another, for example: his side of the story and her side of the story, or the right side of the story and the wrong side of the story.

However, the idea that one person is right and the other person is wrong is only one side of the story. The other side of the story could be something that is not about a right and a wrong, and because of that completely new possibilities open up.

When you come across prospects that are already using a product  similar to what you wanted to sell to them, why not look at other products you could offer them that do not require you to convince them to stop using the products they are already using?

Let’s just go ahead and take a few examples.

Suppose you sell skincare and you come across someone whom you would love to have as a customer, but that person is already using a different company’s skincare system and says that he/she is very happy with it.

Instead of focusing on your entire skincare system, why not highlight one product alone that is particularly great – maybe a shower gel or a special facial mask.

When your prospect hears how much you love just that one product, he/she is likely to think, “That sounds great! What harm could it do me to try that?”

Need I mention how many different brands of cosmetics are typically in most people’s bathrooms?

When you give your prospects the freedom to use what they are already using, they feel no need to defend themselves and therefore no need to resist when you suggest a product that would be great to throw into the mix.

Can you see where I am going with this?

Once your new customers end up enjoying a particular product that you suggested, they are likely to be receptive to trying some other products, even products that they might have previously resisted.

Suppose you and I meet for the first time somewhere and I discover that you sell a meal replacement shake that is great for people who want to lose weight as well as people who are workout fanatics like me.

When you ask me if I want to hear more about it, I tell you that I already use a product that I am happy with.

Now, as the prospect in this situation, what do you think I expect from the typical salesperson?

I expect that you are going to launch into all the reasons why your product is so great and “better” than the one I am using.

I even expect you to insult my intelligence by going on and on about how superior your product is, as if I am not smart enough to select a good product.

But imagine how I would feel if you said, “Oh, I’ve heard some good things about that brand. Have you found yourself pretty happy with it?”

As your prospect I might be a little dumbfounded at first because I was expecting you to give me a hard time but instead you acted caring and supportive.

Need I mention that all the resistance I was feeling just dissipated in a moment? I’m even thinking that maybe I will try your meal replacement drink when I run out of mine!

But at this point you could easily create a different opportunity for me, like the opportunity to try a particularly delicious or filling snack that your company offers, or a tea that calms down the appetite or an energy drink that is low in caffeine but energizing.

And once again, after I end up enjoying that different product that you suggested, I’m likely to try some other products, perhaps that meal replacement product you sell, even though I was not dissatisfied with the one I had been using.

Consider focusing on selling individual products you have that RAWK, and allowing your customers to fall in love with those individual products, thus opening up their minds to buying more of your products, and eventually becoming such an advocate that they want to join your team.

Remove the friction that often occurs in the sales process!

Common salespeople insist, “My products are right” and “My competition’s products are wrong.”

That sounds like an argument that most prospects resist stepping into.

Extraordinary salespeople say, “There are many great products on the market.”

That’s a declaration filled with gratitude and possibilities that many prospects want to hear more about.

Instead of spending your energy trying to convince prospects to stop using what they currently use, offer them a product that could enhance the product they are already using, and thereby create the possibility of them enjoying one of your products and being willingly to try more of your other products along the way.  

More simply put: Be great with your prospects and you often find they are great to you in return!

Or, as I often like to say… seize your phone, call your prospects, and make a difference!