The Jeopardy of Living a Normal Life

Imagine moving into a home only to find that someone removed all the doors from the hinges and stacked them all up in the attic. You would probably find the situation absurd and declare that all the doors would be back in their place by tomorrow.

However, the fact that you would manage to survive for a day in a house without doors to all the rooms would make it easier to manage the following day in the same situation, which is why you might not attend to the task of putting all the doors back on their hinges as quickly as you declared that you would.

Just thinking about going up into an attic to gather up all the doors and move them down into your house could sound exhausting, and that could certainly convince just about anyone to put the task off for another day.

The interesting thing is that after just a couple of days, you might find a solution that seems far easier than getting all the doors down from the attic and putting them back on the door hinges.

In other words, a situation that you found totally unacceptable at first becomes something that you come to accept within a week or less. This is known as complacency - when we come to tolerate what we once declared as unacceptable.

Well unfortunately complacency is the pathway to resignation. If we go back to the above example, it's easy to see that as you continually put off doing something that you once declared you must do immediately, you begin to give up on the idea that you ever will be your word, and as soon as you give up on yourself, the sneering bitterness of cynicism starts to seep into your veins.

This might sound all too sinister to be applicable to you, but hang in there with me for just another minute or so because what follows cynicism might very well surprise you...

It's called going back to normal life!

How many times have we seen this in ourselves and in others in this industry?

Just think about the person who sees the opportunity in your company and expresses how badly he/she wants out of the corporate world. At first that individual sounds incredibly lit up and excited to do whatever is necessary to make his/her new business a success - working at that corporate job much longer is simply intolerable.

However, only a month later that same individual that declared the corporate job to be intolerable can be the very person who starts telling you that he/she doesn't have time for this business because he/she needs to focus on his/her "real" job!

If you have ever questioned how people that acted so excited about this opportunity could toss it aside so quickly, the answer is complacency. No matter how intolerable that "real" job feels, they are far more used to doing that than they are to prospecting, and because prospecting feels out of their comfort zone, they wait to do it.

The longer they wait to prospect, the longer they tolerate what they once declared was intolerable.

Yes, complacency sets in - day after day goes by with them saying things like, "I just couldn't get to it today, but I'll do it tomorrow," or "It's more important that I do such and such today; I'll make those prospecting calls tomorrow," or "I've been working all day; I need a break. I'll make those prospecting calls first thing tomorrow."

Of course, once they manage to tell themselves those same stories over and over, they begin to doubt that they will ever be their word and resignation begins to rule the day. Once resignation rules, people give up on their dreams and convince themselves to go back to normal life.

One might ask, "What's wrong with normal life?"

Perhaps nothing... However, is being normal the kind of advice you would give to those closest to you?

Who says to their children on the first day of school, "Whatever you do today, just be normal, okay? Don't stand out, don't try to make a difference with anyone and somehow be seen as special. Just be normal, okay?"

Surely no one says that, and the reason people do not encourage their children to be normal is because being normal isn't empowering.

Dear Reader, please don't give up on yourself and your dreams and go back to a normal life in which you just survive.

When something in your business feels too scary for you to do, move toward it not away from it! When it seems like you've tried enough times or too many times, put another log on the fire and go for it all over again!

When you are sure that you are never going to get there, set that thought aside as many times as it takes for you to find the real you that knows whatever the mind can conceive, you can achieve!