Unlock Your Ability to Get Hostesses to Book Now

Direct Sellers often have a long list of people who said they might want to host a party, but never actually scheduled one!

If you want a calendar chocked full of bookings – you need to understand why so many potential hostesses fail to ever schedule with you and the little known secret that quickly dispels their hesitation to do so.

After describing an all too common scenario, I’ll share something with you that cost me $200 to learn. But what I learned helped me to develop a system that worked so well that I actually went 7 years in a row without a single cancellation.

What Happens At Way Too Many Home Parties

One of the guests at a home party falls in love with the products you sell. When you ask if she wants to host a home party and receive some of your products free, she tells you that she thinks she wants to do that.

However, once you suggest selecting a date in your calendar she says, “First I want to talk to my friends to see what date would work with them. I’ll call you once I find out what day would be best for them.”

If this has happened to you before, I bet you feel disappointment when the guest tells you that she’s going to talk to her friends first.


For starters, you worry that her friends will talk her out of hosting a home party.

In addition to that, you know from experience how unlikely it is that she will ever call you back and schedule a home party with you.

And sure enough you wait around for a week and even another week without ever hearing from her.

Finally you decide that you will call her even though you feel a bit apprehensive about doing that. After all, she did say that she would call you.

What convinces you to pick up that phone, however, is that you remember how much enthusiasm she showed not only for your products but for you as well...

...She seemed to really like you at that home party where you met her. So you take a deep breath and pick up that phone to call her.
When she answers, you enthusiastically say something like, “Hi Arlene, this is Tammy Stanley with ABC Designs!”

Unfortunately, it feels like this potential hostess is not at all excited to hear from you. In fact, by the end of the short conversation, you’re pretty convinced that she thinks you are nothing but a pushy salesperson!

Why Don't They Book Like They Said They Would?


Years ago I found that incidents like the one I just depicted and postponements and cancellations discouraged the people on my direct sales team more than anything else, and because of that I hired a psychotherapist @ $200.00 an hour to help me understand why people would commit to one thing and then do something completely different.

It turns out that what I learned on that $200 phone call revolutionized my home party business and my ability to secure a home party date in my calendar at the home party.

To add frosting to the cake, this also started a powerful new trend – the people that booked with me held their home party on the date that they said they would.

Are you ready to hear what I learned during that $200 phone call?

Here it is:

No one yet no one, wants to be thought of as someone who does not keep her commitments.

Yes, that’s pretty much what I learned for $200…

… But that information helped me to go 7 years in a row without a single cancellation!

The key here is to go back to the moment when a potential hostess tells you that before choosing a date, she wants to talk to her friends to find out what date will work with them, and that she will call you once she finds a suitable date.

You don’t need to need to have a doctorate degree in psychology to understand how unlikely it is that she will ever do that!

Indeed, as soon as someone says that, you probably begin to doubt your ability to secure a booking with her.

Now remember what I learned for $200 – no one wants to be thought of as someone who does not keep her commitments…

How likely is it for someone to keep that commitment – the commitment to call all of her friends, to find a date that works out for everyone, and then to call you back?

It’s not at all likely…

… which means that anyone who tells you that they will do that will most likely fail to keep that commitment.

I’ll be revealing the significance of that – how and why it revolutionized my home party business, what I started saying that persuaded my potential hostesses to select a date before calling their friends, as well as a a 2 more little known secrets that stop postponements and cancellations during a free tele-seminar on Tuesday, April 14, 2015.

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