An Unusual Yet Effective Way to Get Prospects to Take Your Call

Let's face it.

Making prospecting calls is seldom the favorite activity of most salespeople.

I'm going to be bold here and guess that you actually look for other things that you "need" to do first, before making those prospecting calls.

I'm going to continue this bold streak I'm on and say that once you finally get around to making those prospecting calls, very few of your prospects take your call, thus giving you the option to hang up or leave a voicemail.

If you leave a voicemail message, your prospects hardly ever call you back, unless you've listen to and applied what I teach in my program, "Messages that Get Prospects to Return Calls."

While I definitely believe in leaving messages that motivate and inspire prospects to call back, today I want to share something that could increase how many people answer the phone and take your call.

Before I share that with you, however, I feel compelled to tell you that you are likely to dismiss what I'm about to share. Let me explain.

Have you ever thought of someone and moments later that individual called you on the phone?

When that happened, did you chalk it up to coincidence?

What if it was not a coincidence?

What if your thoughts caused that individual to think of you right at that same moment, and what if the intentions you had were so clear that the individual felt compelled to reach out and call you?

Look, I know that might sound preposterous, so let's look at it from another viewpoint by going back to when you make those prospecting calls.

When you are dialing those prospects' phone numbers and waiting for them to pick up the phone, have you ever caught yourself thinking something similar to any of the following:

  • I don't know why I'm bothering. No one's going to pick up the phone.
  • I hope no one picks up. I'm not good at prospecting on the phone.
  • Please, just let me get voicemail so I don't have to talk to anyone, but I can still say I tried.

What if thoughts like that have real power?

I maintain that they absolutely do.

I've had people tell me, "It's so strange. I had told myself not to answer a single phone call tonight, but for some reason I just felt compelled to pick up the phone, even though I didn't recognize the number!"

What I've discovered is that it makes a huge difference when I have clear intentions to speak to my prospects and to create value in the conversations I have with them, and when I choose to enjoy the activity of prospecting.

What if the thoughts you have before calling your prospects create a magnetic energy that attracts what you envision?

Wouldn't it make sense to think thoughts that would pull your prospects toward you as opposed to thoughts that would repel them?

I encourage you to give this a try.

It certainly is not going to cause any disruption, and at the very least you will set yourself up to be ready and willing to talk to prospects when they do take your calls.

This week, PAY ATTENTION to the thoughts that cross your mind before and while you are prospecting.

There is no need to make yourself feel badly, if you hear a few "less than attractive" thoughts...

…just take a moment to mentally erase the negative thoughts and affirm positive ones in their stead.

For example:

When you think about making calls after dinner and the voice in your head negatively questions, "Who is going to want to talk to a salesperson tonight?"

Take a deep cleansing breath and say, "People who value conversation will most definitely want to talk to ME tonight!"

What if the thoughts you have been declaring have been causing things to go the way they've been going?

Why not declare that things go the way you actually want them to go!

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