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The Word That Prevents Bookings and Appointments

Oftentimes I hear a tone of indignation when salespeople report how their prospects say they are interested, but then often fail to ever book anything, whether that be an appointment or a home show. What I'll be sharing with you today is why a particular word you use rather frequently often sets you up to miss the target you seek.

Beyond Mediocrity

If you appreciate true stories about people who take unreasonable actions, you are sure to enjoy the film Jodorowsky's Dune. While exploring Alejandro Jodorowsky's unsuccessful attempt to adapt the science fiction novel Dune into a film in the mid-1970's, the director Frank Pavich captures Jodorowsky's unstoppable spirit!

How do I keep targeted and organized in a growing yet exciting time in my career?

If you are really busy and finding it difficult to keep up, it might be time for you to get an assistant.

Remember, an assistant can be a high schooler who's willing to work 10 hours a week for you for $7 an hour.

That's less than the earnings of one party, and let's be frank here.

If you cannot generate one party from 10 hours of phone work, answering this challenge would obviously be a waste of time! LOL!

See? You could probably generate a full month's worth of bookings in 10 hours, and easily pay for some help with organization.

How do I regain contact with customers I have not kept up with?

Piece of cake. Call those customers who you met a year or years ago and say something like the following (I'm going to act like I'm the Pampered Chef consultant, and I want you to pretend that you are the customer. How would you feel, how would you respond?)

Imagine your phone ringing.

Ring Ring.

You: Hello.

How do you know when you have had enough training?

In response to the question - how much training is the right amount of training - by far the most important training is what I call "The Osmosis Factor." Your customers learn a tremendous amount about the business through osmosis - through their experience as a customer and you as their consultant. In fact Renee, that becomes a part of the fabric of their being as a future consultant. Your consultants will do naturally what they saw and experienced you doing. In other words, you won't have to work so hard at teaching it.

How do I work with the price objection?

I suggest that you find a way to remove the price objection.

As an example, I used to sell a line of clothing, and I always would hear that our prices were high.

Finally I learned to begin my presentation by saying, "Ladies, it's not the price of anything that makes it expensive; it's how many times you wear it." Then I would give examples of how true that was, and no one ever objected to our price point again because it was no longer an issue.

Find a way to make your price point a non-issue.

How do I improve retention of my recruits?

The challenge presented is a LOADED question - how do we increase retention? All direct selling companies asks the same question!

I believe there are many ways to improve retention, but I'm only going to address one, and fortunately it's a biggie.

I have no problem calling people for a booking, but how do I get them to commit to a booking?

One thing I'd like you to do today is to list ten reasons why someone benefits from having a party with you, and here's a challenge... leave getting free product OFF the list.

Why this exercise? Because all direct sellers need to become more persuasive, and that is not achieved without understanding why I should buy from you as opposed to any other competitor, and why I should book a party with you as opposed to any other direct seller.

When you come up with 10 reasons, that's collateral, and my guess is that you'll be better at selling the idea of booking a party.

How do you get people to call back after leaving a message?

I would not offer any special incentives to get people to return your call. Once you do that, they will come to expect it.

One of the best tips that I can give you when it comes to getting customers to take your calls, and especially potential hostesses, is to start pay attention to the way you talk to them.

How can I work a full time job, develop my team, sell product and still have time for my family!

I signed up for your tele-seminar hoping I could listen to it but I just found out I have to work. My biggest challenge at this point is I have a full time job and I have been working man-dated overtime for the last 3 months. I have to work or I lose points and when I lose all my points I will not have a job. I leave my home between 5-6am and I don't get home till 6-6:30pm. By the time I get home and get my things done at home I just want to sit down and relax.

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