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How do you know when you have had enough training?

In response to the question - how much training is the right amount of training - by far the most important training is what I call "The Osmosis Factor." Your customers learn a tremendous amount about the business through osmosis - through their experience as a customer and you as their consultant. In fact Renee, that becomes a part of the fabric of their being as a future consultant. Your consultants will do naturally what they saw and experienced you doing. In other words, you won't have to work so hard at teaching it.

How do I regain contact with customers I have not kept up with?

Piece of cake. Call those customers who you met a year or years ago and say something like the following (I'm going to act like I'm the Pampered Chef consultant, and I want you to pretend that you are the customer. How would you feel, how would you respond?)

Imagine your phone ringing.

Ring Ring.

You: Hello.

Can you have too many gurus?

Dear Tammy,

My difficult challenge right now…is that I have become a direct selling coach, mentor, trainer junkie.

I’m subscribed to 5 regularly and 4 or 5 others sporadically. The result is that I never complete or implement an entire program from one coach before another e-mail comes offering me the exact thing I need right now. I’m left with new things to work on without ever completing a program from one trainer. Who knows the very next things I hear about maybe the one thing I am missing in my business...

iThink therefore iCan

You probably remember the story about the little train engine that could from your childhood days - even though the mountain ahead was bigger than he thought he could tackle, the little engine kept saying, "I think I can, I think I can" until he got to the top of the mountain.

The Hidden Gift In Being Accountable

Imagine being at your company's national conference when someone from the stage announces that right now you have the opportunity to promise how much you are going to sell and how many people you are going to recruit in the next six months, and that you can come up to the stage and promise those results to everyone in the audience!

Are you excited to run up to the stage and make those promises in front of everyone there?

Let's say that you are (Hey, a little imagination never hurt anyone!).

Grow your Team Exponentially

If you want your team to grow exponentially, you must create an environment that supports and encourages exponential growth.

Become A Mentally Strong Sales Person

What if everyday you called your prospects as soon as you thought about doing so?

What if you could stay completely focused on contacting your prospects because you knew you could create ongoing value simply by contacting your prospects on the telephone?

Although you probably visualize calling prospect after prospect, you might also listen to a nagging little voice that always suggests waiting until later to call.

Listening to that little voice always keeps you waiting — waiting for the right time to call your prospects.  

Effortlessly Improve Your Business

I am embarrassed to admit how many times I have gone through an entire day without ever acknowledging just how amazing it is that my heart keeps beating and that my lungs keep breathing without me ever having to think about causing that to happen. In other words, I forget to be grateful.

No matter what your current desire in your business might be - whether it is to soar to the top of your company or to just get your own products free, to earn your company's car program and drive a Mercedes or to simply earn enough money each month to make your family's car payment, whatever your desire might be - gratitude and trust can cause your dreams to manifest in seemingly effortless ways.

Maybe like me, you have noticed how little time you spend worrying whether or not the sun will rise or whether or not the seasons will change. Indeed it is not uncommon to take for granted some of the most magnificent things that happen everyday - like the way our bodies digest food, the way we continue to breathe while we are sleeping, and the way our bodies know how to heal all manner of wounds and ailments. Amazing things are not only taking place in the outside world everyday, but also within our own experience.

How to Be Powerful

The biggest barrier in the way of you experiencing yourself as powerful is the critic in your own head. That internal voice is full of reasons why you cannot do this, why you should not do that, why someone else is to blame, etc.

Examples can be incredibly useful, so let’s go ahead and take a look at an example salesperson. We’ll call her Miss Leading. Now Miss Leading really wants to dramatically increase her business in the next few months because she wants to let go of the part-time job she has at the grocery store so she can have more time with her family and call her own hours.

Today while working Miss Leading ends up talking to three other employees, two of which mention that they are tired of working so hard at the store but they desperately need the money. It turns out that they all have a good time talking, and they end up exchanging cell phone numbers with one another.

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