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“What If You Could Put 52 Of My Best

Prospecting Tips In Your Hands And

In The Hands Of The People In Your Downline?


Do you know what most salespeople do these days to convince themselves that they are actively prospecting?

They spend most of their day on social media sites.

Do you know what that looks like?

Just in case you don't... I'll tell you.

They go to websites like Facebook and Pinterest, which can keep them busy for hours with liking their friends posts and re-pinning their friends boards.

They probably even put up a post that relates to something going on in their business.

A Secret Revealed


Years ago I read that the secret of life is that there's no secret.

And guess what?

What I'm about to share with you probably isn't a secret to you either...


Hanging out on social media sites is NOT the best way to get appointments and bookings on your calendar.

And yet...

PLENTY of direct sellers and network marketers have confessed to me that before they know it, they've squandered away the day on Facebook, only to tell themselves that they'll make prospecting calls tomorrow.

Maybe you've noticed that deep inside... too know that making prospecting phone calls is an more effective way of working your business.

Yet I'm  willing to guess that you think of practically anything and everything to do in your business but make those calls.

My name is Tammy Stanley, and I've been a direct seller for the last 25 years - 17 of those years I spent in the field and the last 8 years I've spent as a sales trainer, speaker, writer, and executive coach in the industry, and I know how painful it can be to tell yourself day after day that you're going to make those calls tomorrow... tomorrow... tomorrow.

Here's the Good News:


When you learn what it takes to be effective at prospecting, it no longer feels awkward and painful.

In addition to that...

It's easy to move ahead of your competition because...

...the majority of salespeople avoid the most powerful prospecting tool - the telephone!

But you don't have to avoid using the most powerful prospecting tool any longer because...

I just released my newest pocket book in which I share...

52 Of The Most Effective Tips For Successful Prospecting


Here's just a taste of what you can have in your hands:

  • The one thing you can do to significantly decrease the number of cancellations and "no shows." (Hint: It has NOTHING to do with giving away freebies or bonuses.)

  • Think it's all about your products or company? Think again! You'll discover how to go from zero to hero in your customers' eyes just by changing one simple thing!

  • Want more appointments? I'll show you 27 ways to tweak your offers and quickly transform your calendar!

  • Want to create the tipping factor in your business? How one small effort can create that magical moment when your business begins to grow exponentially!

  • Hear the switch you can easily make that opens up creativity and allows you to see new solutions for the challenges you face.

  • I used to think I needed to be PERFECT!  But when I implemented this one insight into my business, I ended up increasing my sales by more than 1000% in just two months.

  • I was frozen in fear and was sure I'd made a decision that would cause me to go bankrupt! But I was wrong. Find out what transforms the way you prospect and the way you feel about prospecting to generate plenty of business.

 Plus plenty more...


And one of the greatest things about my newest book is that it's so easy to digest and implement.

Each tip takes a minute or less to read.

You could focus on one tip a day and in less than two months, you would have every one of these 52 tips to prospecting successfully working in your business.

And guess what?

The retail price only $12.97.


If you order 10 copies, you can pick it up for only $10 a copy!

So imagine if everyone in your downline team had this book in their hands and they were implementing these 52 successful prospecting tips alongside you!

Instead of having to teach them... would be taking action in your own business even while they take action in theirs!

What Real Duplication Looks Like


If you've ever heard about the benefits of duplication, and I'm betting you have...

Real duplication is when your downline automatically does what you do.

It's not about you spending endless hours struggling to teach others something.

Real duplication is about you setting an example that others can naturally follow.

When you spend all your time teaching and training, you end up not taking the actions you need to take in your own business, like prospecting!

And if you are a leader... you are the strongest and best prospector on your team...

...that's why you're a leader.

It makes no sense to stop doing what you do well.

Continue to do what you do well, continue to improve on what you do well, and put tools in your downline's hands that help them to copy what you do well... generating appointments and bookings.

START DUPLICATING YOURSELF TODAY by putting my 52 Tips to Prospecting Successfully in your hands and in your downline's hands.

Tammy Stanley

P.S. If you’re at all serious about your sales business, continually looking for ways to improve your prospecting efforts is a given.

P.P.S. When you order 10 copies of Calling to Skyrocket Your Results, you will give yourself and your team a tool that shows how generate more appointments and bookings, and you can save nearly $3 off the retail price on every copy!

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