The Critical Keys to Booking NOW... Not Later

The Secret to Getting Bookings NOW


Are you tired of hearing the guests at your home shows tell you that they want to book a show, only to discover that they don't want to book until next season or months down the road?

How many times has someone told you, "I'm just too busy right now?"

Have you grown weary of following up with people who say they want to host a home show, only to leave message after message and never receive a return phone call?


What If The Problem Is Not Your Customers?


What if YOU are saying and doing things that actually convince people to book later instead of now? 

Direct sellers often think the problem is with the customers who were at the last home show, and they hope that the customers at the next show will be different or in some way better.

If that is at all like you, consider that you continue to do what you have been doing, but you keep hoping for different results, and the main reason that you keep doing the same thing is because no one out there is telling you anything new.

How many times have you attended a training about bookings and getting a full calendar and the person leading the class told you that you just have to ask everyone?

Being committed to your business you ask everyone at your next home show, and you still walk away without bookings!

Ah! You see, the secret is not about asking everyone, the secret is in HOW you ask! Are you asking people to book a party or are you presenting an Irresistible Offer?

There is a HUGE difference.

The Good news is that you can quickly transform how you operate your direct sales business, and when you do, how your prospects and customers respond and react transforms just as quickly!

“I want to THANK YOU and tell you how much you have helped me change my outlook on my business, as well as how I act in my business!

You are in a whole different league from other Direct Selling experts.  I love how you get into the psychological reasons as to WHY our customers act a certain way, as well as WHY we consultants act a certain way.  You not only give the ‘Why's’ but also the ‘How To's’ to stop the madness and kick our business up to the next level or two.”

- Caressa Sniegowski

“I've been a successful Rep and Leader in Direct Sales for 16 years and I thought I had heard it all (and I'll admit that I probably thought I also knew it all), but just a quarter of the way into Tammy’s training and I was furiously re-writing my booking statements!”

Holly O'Keefe

What you will love about my training is how fresh the ideas are AND how easy it is to implement them. You could listen to my program, "The 7 Critical Keys to Booking NOW... Not Later," today and tonight you could go to a home show and easily put in place much of what you learned.

More importantly, by listening to my program today, you could go to a home show and walk away with several bookings, even if you have been on a losing streak when it comes to booking shows.

Now let me ask you, if you could attend a seminar that was guaranteed to increase the number of bookings you generate at each home show, would you attend?

Of course you would.

And how much would you be willing to invest to go to that seminar? Before you answer, consider the impact that seminar would have on your business - you would generate more bookings at every home show you held from now on! Do you realize that you could start with just one home show on your calendar this week and in 6 weeks you would have 32 bookings scheduled, if you only generated 2 bookings at every show.

A System that Works

I want you to have a system that works for direct sellers operating a business post 2010! It's just not the 1990's anymore! What worked for direct sellers back then does not hold true for direct sellers today.

Are you wondering whether or not that is true?

Let me ask you...

Back in 1990, if you didn't know about something, did you Google it?

Back in 1990, did nearly everyone you know own a cell phone?

Back in 1990, did you communicate with people via email?

Of course the answer to everyone of those questions is "No," which just goes to show you how much the world has changed in the last 20 years. And guess what? The world of direct selling has changed right along with it.

If you want to be highly effective at generating bookings you need to know how to implement the Critical Keys to Booking Now... Not Later.

So don't delay any longer! Update how you operate your direct selling business today by ordering this highly advanced training program for direct sellers in the home party business.