Follow-Up: The Success Recipe Salespeople Don’t See


Most direct sellers understand that they need to get on the phone, yet days, months, even years go by without them following up with their customers.
Why? The challenge is that they do not know how to do it and they do not truly understand why they should.
This program gets the direct sellers to realize the value of each acquired customer regardless of how little each customer might have originally purchased. This program helps your direct sellers to see the goldmine they have been ignoring.
Your Direct Sellers will learn:

  • The reasons customers stop buying
  • The amazing value of a two-time customer
  • How to effectively follow up with long lost customers as well as current ones

Following this presentation, participants will:

  • Be excited to get back in touch with long lost customers
  • See the value in scheduling regular follow up time after every home party
  • Be able to generate bookings and phone orders on the telephone without worrying like they are being pushy