How can I work a full time job, develop my team, sell product and still have time for my family!

I signed up for your tele-seminar hoping I could listen to it but I just found out I have to work. My biggest challenge at this point is I have a full time job and I have been working man-dated overtime for the last 3 months. I have to work or I lose points and when I lose all my points I will not have a job. I leave my home between 5-6am and I don't get home till 6-6:30pm. By the time I get home and get my things done at home I just want to sit down and relax.

I know my full time job is my number one priority at this time and I have a challenge finding time to make my calls to my customers and doing my shows. I try to do 6-8 shows a month and I want them to be worth my time and the host time.

I also try to call my team when I can but I need to get better at that because I am losing people on my team. Can you please give me your input on how to handle this better.

Thank you so much


Hi Diane,

Unfortunately, I am not sure if the advice I give will work for your situation. From what you have shared with me, you need more hours in a day, and of course, no one can give you that. I understand the situation with your full time job - you cannot afford to lose it right now, as it is what's really putting money on the table, and most likely you have insurance through it as well.

I totally understand that you want to relax once you arrive home, and frankly, I think you deserve some time to do just that. In fact, if you never take time to relax, your productive time will not end up being very productive.

Here's what I am hoping. I am hoping that you can either make a few calls during your lunch hour and/or a few calls before you head home for the night or both of those! I have suggested this before to women who work full time jobs and come home too tired to want to get back on the phone. I believe that once you cross that threshold of your home, your mind just turns off and wants to relax.

Plus, if you have family, you need to spend time with them. If you have that nagging voice on your back all night telling you, "You should be making calls, you should be making some calls, ect." you cannot even enjoy the time that you have "relaxing" and/or being with family. That is why I want you to take a list of at least ten names with you to work every day. Then during the noon hour and right before you get in the car and drive home, make a few phone calls.

Some of these can be customer calls and one of them can be to a team member. In other words, try to talk to as many customers/prospects as possible, and set a goal to talk to one of your team members each day M-F. Even if you only get to talk to one customer/prospect a day, that will be 20 sales calls a month as well as 20 coaching calls with team mates. Hello? You won't believe how much that will move your business ahead. In fact, it will shock you.

The consistency of this is what will propel your business in a wonderful way.

When you make calls every day, it becomes a habit, and you learn to just do it instead of just stall and wait for later. it's not the quantity that counts. It's the consistency, and as you will see, by being consistent, you will end up talking to a good number of people - so you'll even get that quantity in there eventually. Remember, the success in this plan is doing it every day, even if you only make 3-5 calls a day. you make those calls Mon-Fri.

Then, you make all the calls before you drive home, so that you can truly relax on the drive home, and when you arrive home you won't have to listen to a nagging voice inside your head telling you to make calls. that voice will be silent because you already made calls, even if you had to leave 8 messages... you did make calls.

Diane, do that and your business will grow, and you will have time to relax and re-coop before the next day begins.

I hope this helps,

Tammy Stanley