How do I keep targeted and organized in a growing yet exciting time in my career?

If you are really busy and finding it difficult to keep up, it might be time for you to get an assistant.

Remember, an assistant can be a high schooler who's willing to work 10 hours a week for you for $7 an hour.

That's less than the earnings of one party, and let's be frank here.

If you cannot generate one party from 10 hours of phone work, answering this challenge would obviously be a waste of time! LOL!

See? You could probably generate a full month's worth of bookings in 10 hours, and easily pay for some help with organization.

You might even contact a local professional organizer. A professional organizer might even be willing to do a trade. But who cares if she/he won't? The tips she/he might give you for one night's party profits could be invaluable to your business AND to anyone you sponsor in the business.

If you need a system, I highly suggest you find a little organizing fanatic (I mean that in a good sense) who would gladly show you a way of looking at things that you would NEVER never think of simply because you are not wired that way (If you were, this would not be your biggest challenge!).

Here's to a better system that someone else thinks of and even helps you implement!