Powerful Prospecting Potent Results

Powerful Prospecting... Potent Results


If you are in direct sales you have probably lost count how many times people say, "Oh, is that one of those pyramid schemes?" when you talk about what you do for a living.

Yet in spite of that seemingly negative attitude toward the this industry, new direct selling companies start up every day.

Why is that?

It's simple.

After all these years of technological developments in communication, word-of-mouth advertising continues to be the most powerful way to advertise.

But here's the rub.

While the majority of direct sellers rely on word-of-mouth advertising, they seldom know how to "advertise" effectively.

In other words, when asked, "What do you do?" you probably fail to give an attention-getting, prospect-generating 10-second response.

I call that a Vocal Business Card - when you tell others what you do for a living.

Did you know that:

You use your Vocal Business Card 22 times more frequently than you use your paper business card?

Your words are the lifeblood of communication and they are a crucial business resource.

It comes down to this:

You have to know how to talk so prospects listen, if you want to effectively turn your business into a money-making referral machine.

And now you can bust loose from prospecting frustration by learning…

  • How to stop making the most common mistakes that almost all direct sellers make when saying what they do

  • The keys to assembling a powerful and potent introduction that gets prospects wanting to know more about your products and what you do.

  • The top way to articulate a masterful message

  • How to turbo-charge your marketing with “the slightest edge” principle

  • How to impress your prospects on a subconscious level

  • Specific techniques to speak outside the box of mediocrity

The majority of direct sellers like yourself are never taught the keys to successful word-of-mouth marketing!

Once I optimized my vocal business card, my business doubled in just one month, and within four months it grew by six times!

You’re going to learn my exact secrets so you can do the same!