Prospecting Victory!

“Discover The Proven Science Behind How To Get 10x More Prospects To Take Your Call & Easily Convert Them Into High-Paying Customers”

Do you remember the excitement you felt when you chose to join the sales industry?

Most independent salespeople are really enthusiastic when they start their new business venture. However, you've probably noticed that your enthusiasm disappeared quickly when you were faced with the dreaded task of having to actually pick up the phone and CALL people.

As you already realized, enthusiasm and excitement alone ISN'T going to sell any products or services. In fact, being overly excited and enthusiastic will REPEL your prospects if you do it wrong. Indeed...

Almost Everything You Were Taught About Selling Is WRONG

I want to explain to you why MOST if not ALL of what you’ve been taught about how to prospect for new customers is flat out WRONG and why it’s actually responsible for KEEPING you feeling frustrated and broke.

There’s an actual SCIENCE behind getting prospects to take your call and then convert them into paying customers. But if you don't know HOW to do that... then calling your prospective customers can be a very scary and rejection-prone process.

You already know how those moments of talking to your family and friends about your products and/or services can be incredibly uncomfortable.

Even if you've been in sales for years, I'm sure there is still a little anxiety and fear that pops up right before you call... and if you've just started, you're probably feeling PARALYZED with fear of rejection and embarrassment.

Being excited about your products or service is the easy part

So why do the motivational speakers hammer it into our heads over and over? "Be excited and enthusiastic" they tell us. That's like telling a child to have fun while they're playing with their favorite toys... of course they're going to! That's the easy part. And it's the same with you.

You're already excited about your products and/or services or you wouldn't be selling them. People are always emphasizing how important it is to be really enthusiastic about your business and to stay positive no matter what.

Has it ever occurred to you that it would be tons easier to stay positive if your family, friends, and acquaintances didn’t treat you like all you want to do is sell them something so you can make money off of them?

I'm going to reveal the hidden secrets to increasing your sales by 10 TIMES or more in your business

My name is Tammy Stanley and I’ve been in earning a living in the direct selling and network marketing industry for over 20 years now. Anyone who knew me in high school or college would hardly believe that because I was one of those kids who always had my homework done and never skipped class. I almost hate to admit it but I was kind of like a nerd!

I’m sure my high school classmates never dreamed I would end up in sales. Certainly I never saw that happening. When I was working on my Master’s degree I was sure that I was going to get a job in the Foreign Service.

However, after my son was born everything changed. I became far more passionate about spending quality time with him than focusing on a career that kept me away from home the entire day.

I guess it is fair to say that he definitely kept my mind off of a career in the Foreign Service. In fact before I knew it, I was completely sidetracked from a career with four children under my feet! What can I say? Raising children was really fun for me.

The only thing I didn’t like was feeling stressed about money.

Then something happened that changed everything for me!

One day a friend called me up to invite me to a party. I was excited to get the invitation, but then I found out it was a home product party. I had already told my friend that I had the night free so I felt kind of obligated to attend at that point. 

But here is what I find interesting... I had never bought this kind of product – knit clothing – because I didn’t like it. YET I not only agreed to attend, but I also picked up the phone and called a friend and invited her to go with me, just because the person who invited me told me that I would get a free sash if I brought a friend with me.

Wait a second... If I didn’t even like knit clothing..

Why on earth would I want a free knit sash?

Well, I didn’t actually want the free knit sash... I wanted the recognition I would get for bringing a friend, even if that recognition was a free knit sash!

When I arrived at my friend’s home party that night I was certain that I wasn’t going to buy a thing. Nothing that I saw looked like anything I ever wanted to wear! But all my opinions changed after I saw the direct seller’s sales presentation!

I literally transformed from the person sitting on the couch with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face to the person who was first in line to place an order and book a party! A month later, I drove a good hour with a friend to attend a business opportunity meeting and signed up as a distributor for that direct selling company.

A few months later my team was exploding and I was on my way to building a multimillion dollar sales team

So what was it that allowed me to have such an amazing home business in the direct selling industry?

Was the product easy to sell?

Definitely not.

Did I have previous sales experience?

None to be exact!

What allowed me to do so incredibly well was that I decided to make it work even if that meant making a ton of mistakes in order to learn what I needed to do to succeed. Now remember how I told you that none of my high school classmates would have ever dreamed that a nerdy student like me would go on to pursue a sales career?

It turns out that being a super-conscientious student like myself is one of the things that helped me search for solutions to some of the toughest problems that any salesperson encounters -

I learned how to easily overcome the BIGGEST challenges most people face in their sales businesses

Challenges like...

  • Overcoming the fear of rejection
  • How to be persuasive without being “salesy”
  • Preventing cancelations
  • Leaving messages that get returned
  • And restoring relationships that somehow became damaged while prospecting or during the sales process

And the great news for you is that the extremely mindful and diligent student inside of me made me really good at deciphering a process that I could easily teach others to copy and follow and obtain decidedly great results.

Most people want to experience success quickly, and if they did, THAT would persuade them to continue working their business. In other words, they would have a much easier time staying positive if they didn’t face so much rejection when beginning a new sales business.

What I’m about to say may or may not be completely true about you, but I’m willing to take a guess about you and your situation.

Probably the first challenge you faced was getting it going and moving beyond your family and friends.

Most people who try to make a living as an independent sales professional quit early on in the game because they never get past their immediate family and friends.

Obviously you are not like most people – if you had quit already, you wouldn’t be reading this letter.

The second big challenge you probably faced was what to do once you had prospected most of your family members and friends.

Many salespeople get very frustrated when they have prospected everyone they know and the effort seems far more than the gain. This also causes many independent salespeople to throw in the towel.

Obviously you are not like many others – if you had already thrown in the towel, you wouldn’t still be reading this letter!

Once you reach a point where you need to find more prospects, you usually look for events that can put you in front of people, like networking meetings and trade shows or fairs.

When you invest money into your business, it definitely strengthens your commitment because it tends to create the thought, “Now I gotta make this business work!” While being seriously committed to making your business work is a good thing, the problem is that feeling like you HAVE to make this work can create a feeling of DESPERATION, and...

Desperate salespeople are good at only one thing... scaring prospects away!

Now just imagine having invested a few hundred dollars into a networking group and then a few hundred more into a trade show event and all the hours away from family or other obligations in order to take part in those activities. And now imagine that you continually meet people who seem interested at first, which of course gets you really excited, but after following up your experience is similar to the following:

You have to leave a voice mail message for 80% of the people you met and none of those “interested” prospects ever call you back, and the majority of people that you actually get to speak with tell you that they just not interested right now. By the time the dust settles from all this work, you find yourself just slightly better off than you where before you invested all that time and money into expanding your prospecting base.

What I just described is the path that I see way too many independent salespeople following, and maybe now you understand why I believe that far more than a positive attitude is needed once salespeople are at this point in their business.

If they stay positive and keep doing what they’ve already done, they could easily continue investing all kinds of money and continue hoping that eventually things in their business will work out.

Unfortunately that’s not how business works – you don’t wake up one morning and suddenly discover that things in your sales business have just magically worked themselves out.

However, by getting yourself on the right path you quickly discover that success in this business doesn't need to be difficult, you don't have to struggle to make a great living. Let me show you what being on the right path looks like. Being on the right path means:

  • You captivate your prospect's attention when you talk about your products/service and business
  • You leave messages that prospects are eager to return
  • You present Irresistible Offers that prospects and customers feel good about saying “Yes” to
  • You are a human magnet attracting people to your events
  • You possess a new model of communication that allows prospects and customers to feel heard in a way they have never before experienced, which makes them feel comfortable and even compelled to BUY from you
  • You understand proven marketing tactics that magnetizes people in droves to your trade show booths
  • You have a keen understanding of human nature and what motivates people to make commitments with you as well as knowing what is required for them to keep those commitments

The Truth:

Salespeople tend to treat people like prospects, when​
the secret to sales success is to
treat prospects like people!


Let me say that again. The secret is to switch from treating PEOPLE like PROSPECTS... to treating PROSPECTS like PEOPLE!

It's that simple! Today more than ever before you must stand out and be different than the normally expected stereotypical salesperson. If you sound like everyone else, you’re doomed.

In this day and age of technology overload, people are viewed as “consumers,” and everyone is trying to get those consumers to buy their products. Advertising surrounds consumers everywhere – ads are no longer limited to radio, television, and newspapers. Now ads pop up on nearly every website (you can’t even go to without a pop up ad anymore!) Ads come along with every cell phone app, the gas station pumps now have video ads, bathroom graffiti is a thing of the past now that bathroom stall doors have framed advertising slots, post offices now have video screens with ads, and believe it or not golf courses are now selling ads space in the golf ball holes!

My point? People are being sold to everywhere they turn these days.

If you don’t find a way to break through all the noise, there’s no way you can compete with all the big companies and their mega advertising budgets. But that’s exactly what most salespeople try to do – they try to take on other companies by saying, “Yeah but we’re better because…” Guess what?

No one listens to why you’re better because they’re being flooded by

hundreds of others that are saying the very same thing!

You can’t be like everyone else and expect to stand out! The good news is that it’s actually simple to stand out these days in the sales world because nobody wants to pick up the ol’ telephone anymore – everybody is looking for the easy sale online or through email.

There is a reason salespeople want to turn to email or to the internet. They think it’s going to be easier! If you think that you can just slap something up on the internet and prospects are going to come running, you're wrong. You might not have to ever talk to prospects, but you’re definitely not going to build your independent sales business.

You might be thinking you can be successful with FaceBook... after all, everybody’s talking about how great FaceBook is for business. What you need to understand is that FaceBook is great for business because of the ADS! Facebook has intricately developed algorithms that capture all that information that everyone posts for everyone else to see – and then places the ads that would most interest you on your FaceBook page. It's the perfect way to attract advertisers!

HINT: The way to make real money on Facebook is to ADVERTISE. Consider that most independent salespeople are not running sophisticated ads on Facebook, they’re just inviting their friends to events on FaceBook, but not much is really happening.

Because something is missing...

And that something is real communication!

Real, authentic communication transforms your business in lightening speed because it’s truly what all people yearn for in their lives. And the great news is that what I’m about to present to you will transform the way you operate your business because you'll be giving people what they deeply yearn for through your prospecting conversations.

Interestingly, when you give people what they deeply yearn for, they want to give back to you in some way. Have you ever reached out and talked to people, but then experienced a kind of awkwardness in those prospecting conversations? And because of that, have you ever felt nervous about prospecting and even thought of all the reasons to wait until later to make prospecting calls to family members, friends, and acquaintances?

If people understood how to avoid creating that awkwardness and discomfort, far more people could be successful in the sales profession. The thing that’s missing in those awkward conversations is an understanding of how to talk to prospects in a way that leaves both you and your prospects feeling comfortable and empowered after each conversation instead of feeling awkward and frustrated or discouraged.

Now, let me ask you a few questions that will help you imagine a successful future in sales...

What if there were no internal struggle going on inside of you? What if you no longer worried about the outcome of any prospecting conversation because you felt unattached to your prospects’ response, and because of that, you became far more persuasive and more people started saying, “Yes” to you?

What if you could stop stalling and start taking action NOW? What would it feel like to know that there’s nothing “salesy” in the way you sell? What if you had a system that got your business to move even if it isn’t moving at all right now? Guess what... You can have ALL of this, simply by going through my tested and proven Prospecting Victory Sales Training System.

How my Prospecting Victory System Amplifies your success in your sales business

No matter where you currently are in your business, The Prospecting Victory System allows you to develop real communication with your prospects. Now you too can:

  • Stop creating resistance in your prospects instantly, and get prospects to willingly set aside their typical excuses to take your calls.
  • Make your prospects feel understood by avoiding the most common openings and offers that salespeople use.
  • Effectively persuade prospects by learning the words that actually trigger people to want what you are offering.
  • Break free from pushy salesman techniques like the assumptive close, and watch your prospect's follow through on commitments soar.
  • Experience a new level of effectiveness by learning how to reduce the time you spend on the phone while simultaneously creating stronger relationships with prospects.
  • Unleash your hidden persuasiveness by harnessing the power of an emotionally charged 10-second introduction that motivates prospects to ask you question after question, and inspires them to refer you to others.
  • Successfully inspire prospects to return your calls by learning the key ingredients of all-powerful messages.
  • Expand your business exponentially and with velocity by learning the secrets behind meetings that inspire prospects to attend.
  • Discover why people feel comfortable following others and how to use that to sell more products at a home meeting.
  • Find it simple to implement what you learn with the Prospecting Victory System.

Not only are you going to learn what to do and how to do it, but also why it works... PLUS you'll gain a natural confidence about how to behave and handle most common situations.

Here are the Benefits of studying the Prospecting Victory Sales Training System

The Prospecting Victory System is designed specifically for network marketers and independent salespeople. This is what you can expect to gain…

1. You'll no longer worry about sounding like a pushy salesperson.

The biggest concern independent salespeople have is that they do not want other people to see them as “pushy salespeople.” And yet, that is how most people see them. The problem is that independent salespeople just don’t see what it is that they do that turns people off. When you truly understand what pushy, salesy salesmanship looks like, you can avoid it at all costs. The result is that family, friends, acquaintances and even strangers enjoy interacting with you and doing business with you.



2. You'll leave people feeling positive about you and your products and services.

Plenty of your prospects have preconceived ideas about salespeople. The interesting thing is that many of those ideas are inaccurate, but you can’t persuade prospects to reconsider by telling them how wrong they are. Inside my Prospecting Victory System, you're going to learn how to communicate with your prospects in a way that they rarely experience with any salespeople, which makes them want to BUY from you. When prospects have the experience of you truly understanding what they are saying and not resisting it or coming back with a rebuttal, they naturally drop their resistance and find themselves wanting what you are offering.


3. You'll learn how to quickly increase the number of appointments in your calendar.

Inside my Prospecting Victory System, you'll learn what you need to say to make people book appointments with you right there on the spot. You'll learn what you’ve been doing that turns people off. When you understand how to use the tools I teach you inside inside my Prospecting Victory System, you'll know more than just the words to say... in fact, you'll learn how to naturally be yourself, while at the same time getting more sales than you ever have previously. When you understand the components of an Irresistible Offer, along with how to be calm and relaxed when presenting an offer to a prospect, success comes naturally.




4. You'll grow your business faster, experience better relationships with your prospects and you'll improve your overall lifestyle.

Far too many independent salespeople spend their time “working on” their business without actually “working in” their business. You can organize your office, attend all the meetings and conferences, and keep a list of prospects... but as long as you keep procrastinating on picking up the phone and having sales conversations with those prospects on your list, all the time you work on your business is literally wasted.

No calls. No money. Period.

The beauty of my Prospecting Victory System is that it truly gets you excited to pick up your phone and call your prospects, to start having conversations with a strangers, to follow up and leave compelling messages that get returned, and to hold events and promote them in a way that prospects see the benefit and value of attending.

In addition to boosting your business, your non-salesy approach and your commitment to delivering value makes a difference in the relationships you develop through your business, which naturally makes a significant difference in the quality of your life. The best part: You automatically earn MUCH more money when you're helping people get what THEY want! It's Win-Win!

Here's exactly what you get when you order my Proven Prospecting Victory Sales Training System...



The Formula That Persuades People to say, “Yes!”



Explained: Tammy shows how the 4 most typical things salespeople say ca​use prospects to build up a wall of resistance to them and what they are offering.

Revealed: Tammy shares the 6 secrets to presenting an Irresistible Offer, thus leaving your prospects wanting to say, “Yes” to you. You will feel like Tammy has been listening in on your phone conversations and then zaps out the discomfort you’ve been feeling around making sales calls. Get ready to actually feel excited about making prospecting calls!

PLUS: Proven studies that assure you why Tammy’s methods work!




You Have the Formula… Now Listen & Implement

An extremely powerful way to understand how to be with your prospects is to put yourself in their shoes – to feel what it would be like if a salesperson were approaching you.

While you listen to Tammy present different Irresistible Offers for various situations and/or products and services, you gain an intuitive understanding of what comprises an Irresistible Offer and how to create one in a moment.



Deepen Your Understanding of Your Prospects

Feeling frustrated with how few people return your messages?

Discover for yourself why even you would not bother to return the different messages you leave for others! As you begin to understand why you yourself fail to return messages that others leave you, you simultaneously grasp why your prospects never bother to return your calls based on the messages you leave.

PLUS: 5 Keys to assembling powerful messages.



Messages that Get Returned

Transform the way you leave messages through this innovative program that shows you not only how to leave remarkable messages that stand out, but also how to handle those calls once they get returned and how to move into an irresistible offer.

The real secret in moving your network marketing business ahead is to see new ways to talk to people and help them see the powerful things they do that seldom get noticed and acknowledged.

PLUS: The single most effective method that compels prospects to return your calls.


Using Words to Articulate a Masterful Message

Develop your ability and skills to magnetize prospects beyond the typical ideas around the proverbial 30-second commercial.

Increase your effectiveness with a 10-second introduction as opposed to a 30-second commercial.

PLUS: The 7 most common mistakes you make while telling others what you do.



The Powerful and Simple Way to Attract New Prospects

Turbo-charge your marketing: Use the slightest edge principle to set yourself apart from competition.

Speak outside the box of mediocrity and become exceptionally memorable.

PLUS: Intensify your introduction with the influence of emotional allure.



Invitations that Motivate People to Learn More

Powerful invitations: your guide to generating real desire to attending a meeting that highlights your products and/or service.

Discover why most invitations fail.

PLUS: Example of how to invite people and move them past any concerns they have through authentic communication.



The Formula for Successful Informational Events

Do you want to expand your business in the shortest amount of time possible?

The way to do that is to create and benefit from the power within “a herd.”

Learn the single most important step towards successful informational events.

PLUS: How to design an event that gives prospects real value and inspires them to tell others what they learned.



5 Inconspicuous Reasons to Call Your Customers

Learn why your customers actually want you to call them and how you damage the future strength of your business when you avoid making prospecting and follow-up calls.


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