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Highly advanced prospecting and booking strategies and techniques from Tammy Stanley...

"Who Else Wants a System to Dramatically Increase Appointments, Sales, Recruits, and Profits?"


Hello, my name is Tammy Stanley.

Before I jump into telling you how I plan on helping you skyrocket your direct sales business this year, I want to give you a chance to understand why I believe I can.

Nearly twenty years ago I started a business with a direct sales company, but the challenge I faced, when I began that business, was different than most people I've met in the industry. You see even before I received my starter kit of product from the company, I had sponsored three people into the business.

I quickly learned that I was innately skilled at selling the intangible, namely the business opportunity, but I definitely had more to learn about selling the tangible, that is the product. I couldn't seem to get the selling part of my business off the ground, until one day when I made a decision to try something I never had before.

I can still picture that day vividly in my mind. Our son was away at school, one of our daughters was in afternoon kindergarten, our other daughter was playing with some toys in the room nearby, and I was 3 months pregnant with our youngest child.

Prior to that day I was so frustrated with my direct sales business. By that time I had four people on my team, but I didn't have a booking in my calendar. I could see the big picture, but I couldn't see any prospects in front of me that would allow me to create what I envisioned.

But after that day, everything changed because I learned how to do something that changed my business forever, and indeed not long after that I had a sales unit that was producing over 1 Million Dollars in sales year after year.

"Since I invested in your CD's, I immediately put the tools to work for me. I'm listening to Powerful Prospecting right now and the light bulbs that are going off in my head could light up a whole room!

No wonder the way I've always done it wasn't working. I've seen results already with more bookings on my calendar and a much better understanding of how to talk and truly listen to my prospects."

J. Watters

Now, remember how I told you that I struggled at first to get my sales business off the ground? I had always judged that as a bad thing, until I encountered individuals on my team that were struggling to get their business off the ground. Suddenly what had been such a terrible thing in the past became my most precious asset in the present.

You see, once my consultants learned that I had once struggled just like them, they knew it wasn't luck that had made me so successful. Indeed, I was able to tell them exactly how I took my business from the point of having to use a credit card to purchase the next season's product kit to earning five digit checks in a month!

"I can't tell you how WONDERFUL these CDs are! I keep listening to them over and over.

It was a huge financial stretch for me to purchase this set of CDs, but just by putting into practice some of your tips, I already have 6 shows on my calendar for September, 3 for October, and 1 in November.

- Cheryl Z. 

Now, if all you knew was that I once had one of the very top sales units in the nation with a direct sales company, you wouldn't expect me to understand what it's like to struggle. But now that you know I once struggled to get my business going, you know that I understand exactly what you're going through and that I also know precisely what you can do to take your business to the next level and more. 

So tell me now, which of these might be most valuable to you? 

- Overcoming Phone Fears with Telephone Breakthroughs 
- Knowing a Powerful Way to Attract New Prospects

- Stopping Postponements and Cancellations
- Getting Your Calendar Booked Solid with Shows and Appointments
- Maximizing Customer Satisfaction and Your Commissions Simultaneously


Before answering that question, let's investigate each of those topics to point out just how influential each can be in your overall business strategy.

Overcoming Phone Fears with Telephone Breakthroughs:

Even though you know that the best way to get bookings is by picking up the phone, you often think of anything and everything to do in your business but that. The reason? Isn't it obvious? There's nothing fun about rejection.

Don't you sometimes wish you had a magical word that would make your prospects say yes?

The truth is, there is such a word. Studies actually prove that using this word increases the likelihood of someone saying yes to you by 30%. Think about that, if only 40 out of every 100 prospects you approach end up saying "Yes" to you right now when you ask them to book a home show, you could increase that to 52 of them saying "Yes," after learning how to use just one little word. That's a 30% increase, which is never insignificant in any business.

But that's just one of the many things you learn in my program...

Ten Keys to Skyrocket Your Telephone Results

You'll also learn:

  • The first thing that 99% of direct sellers say on a call that risks her/his reputation and sours results. If you are doing this, (and let's face it, you probably are if 99% of sales people do), you won't believe how much better your results are with ease and less time.
  • How to avoid pushy salesman techniques and win with sincerity
  • The words that prospects love to hear that persuade them to say, "Yes!"
  • The question you should never ask a prospect, but unfortunately almost all salespeople ask it.
  • The one thing you must do to get a booking but more salespeople avoid doing it.
  • How follow-up calls help you to build a strong sales team.
  • Hidden reasons why customers want you to call and follow up with them (This will get you to pick up the phone when you start thinking of reasons to avoid making those calls!)

By the way, if you ever worry about being a pushy salesperson, you need to know that the only thing I dislike more than a pushy sales person is a sales trainer that teaches people pushy salesman tactics.

Everything I teach establishes and insures your credibility as a sincere individual with great propensity to turn prospects into happy customers that enjoy hearing from you and buying from you again and again.

"I just finished listening to "Ten Keys to Sky Rocketing Your Telephone Results," and I am so motivated to get on the phone and practice what I learned!

I now realize the importance of the "attention getting words and the "Magic Word." You have a way of presenting that made me realize how easy it is if you follow these steps. 
You have such a gift of making everyone feel important. This is some of the best training I've had."

-C. Scovill

"Wow, Tammy! Thank you for your training. I can hear myself using the wording you gave us! I am so glad that I invested in your program."

-T. Kuryn-Kohler

"I really enjoyed your training seminar. I have zero sales training so I wasn't sure what to expect but I was more than satisfied with what I learned.

I think for me the most important part was learning what I was doing wrong. You would mention mistakes that most new sales people make and I was making them. I was really excited to learn and I look forward to taking more of your training classes in the near future."

-N. Ellerbrock

I love your flair. I knew I would receive great information from you, but your information far exceeded my expections! 

I learned a more comfortable way of asking for bookings and interviews on the telephone instead of the rote script I have been using. 

Can you believe that I'm actually looking forward to making calls?
-S. Westbury



A Powerful and Easy Way to Attract New Prospects:

Those of us in this industry have lost count how many times people say to us, "Oh, is that one of those pyramid schemes?" when we talk about what we do for a living.

Yet in spite of that seemingly negative attitude toward our industry, new direct selling companies start up every day. Why is that? It's simple. After all these years of technological developments in communication it's been proven again and again that word-of-mouth advertising continues to be the most powerful way to advertise.

But here's the rub. While the majority of direct sellers rely on word-of-mouth advertising, they seldom know how to "advertise" effectively. In other words, when asked, "What do you do?" they fail to give an attention-getting, prospect-generating 10-second response, what I call a Vocal Business Card.

Did you know that:

  • You use your Vocal Business Card 22 times more frequently than you use your paper business card?
  • The top way to articulate a masterful message?
  • After 12 words are out of your mouth most prospects have already written you off.
  • How to turbo-charge your marketing with “the slightest edge” principle?
  • How to impress your prospects on a subconscious level?
  • The majority of network marketers like yourself are never taught the keys to successful word-of-mouth marketing?
  • Specific techniques to speak outside the box of mediocrity
  • Your words are the lifeblood of communication and they are a crucial business resource.

It comes down to this:

You have to know how to talk so prospects listen, if you want to effectively turn your business into a money-making referral machine.

And now you can bust loose from prospecting frustration by learning…

Powerful Prospecting... Potent Results

This training will show you the keys to:

  • Stop making the most common mistakes that almost all direct sellers make when saying what they do – I’ll teach you my step-by-step system of what to say!
  • Assembling a powerful and potent introduction that gets prospects wanting to know more about your products and what you do.
  • The top way to articulate a masterful message
  • The core marketing principles behind customer acquisition in my program
  • How to turbo-charge your marketing with “the slightest edge” principle?
  • How to impress your prospects on a subconscious level?
  • Specific techniques to speak outside the box of mediocrity

Once I optimized my vocal business card, my business doubled in just one month, and within four months it grew by six times! You’re going to learn my exact secrets so you can do the same!

Since attending your workshop I have virtually doubled my business.

I can't recommend your training and products enough to someone who wants to grow their business.

-R. Annis

After being in direct sales over 10 years, I learned new language to use with my current and future hostesses, customers, and potential recruits.

Tammy's no nonsense approach is everything everyone needs to experience.

-G. Fiscella

"You were incredible tonight! I truly love your approach - it is direct and friendly and NOT pushy. I believe that works well with busy people."

-S. Davis 

Powerful language tips presented in an honest no-nonsense way. Tammy's energy is contagious and inspiring."

A. Roswick



Stopping Postponements and Cancellations:

Has this ever happened to you? You put forth the effort it takes to call prospects and get your calendar just the way you desire it - full of bookings. Then on the day of the home party you were really counting on and looking forward to, your phone rings. It’s your hostess on the line with the news that he/she needs to cancel her party.

Don't you sometimes wonder where they get the nerve to tell you just a couple hours before their party that it isn't going to work out after all? Why didn't they tell you days ago when you had a hope of scheduling another hostess in their place?

Who wants to hear on the day of a scheduled party that it isn’t going to happen after all? This has to be the most frustrating thing in your business – bookings you have scheduled in your calendar that end up not happening.

One spring season a good number of years ago, I received phone call after phone call from disappointed consultants on my sales team. What was the cause of all this disappointment? Postponements.

I found this problem with cancellations to be the major contributing factor to discontent within my sales team. So I took action and hired a psychotherapist to help me figure out a little known secret about people and commitments.

What I learned from that one and a half hour session with that psychotherapist was immensely valuable. In fact it completely changed my perspective and the process that I used to schedule home parties.

After that I went seven years in a row without a single cancellation. Yes, 7 years in a row without a cancellation!

Once you know the secret to getting people to keep their commitment, it becomes far easier to make more money and have tons more fun in your business.

Isn't that why you started this business in the first place? It looked like it could be a fun and easy way to earn some extra cash.

In order for you to stop postponements, and cancellations, and increase your profits, you need a system you can depend upon.

The good news is that you will have that system with my...

How to Stop Postponements and Increase Your Profits

You need to know that your hostesses are committed to keeping their word - you don't want to just hope that. You need a system that proves time after time just how true it is that you control the outcome of each and every appointment you book.

Surely investing the earnings from just one sales presentation into powerful information that could drastically increase your future earnings forever would be a wise move on your part.



Getting Your Calendar Booked Solid with Appointments:

When you first became a direct sales professional, you were probably told to make a list of relatives, friends, and acquaintances.

Then you started calling all of those people to see if you could get them to meet with you individually or maybe even with you and your sponsor.

My guess is that the majority of them asked a few questions and then made a decision right there on the phone to NOT get together with you to learn more.

And yet plenty of the people who tell you “No” on the phone would find your opportunity appealing if you could get them to take a real look at the business.

That is why I am going to show you how to invite prospects to an event in your own home in a manner that gets their curiosity up and their resistance down.

Then I’m going to show an incredibly powerful way to overcome objections, and I would bet my bottom dollar you’ve never learned this before!

The most powerful way to handle your prospects objections is before they even raise them, and you do that by making statements or telling stories that speak to your prospects subconscious mind.

When you learn this amazing secret, you will discover how much easier it is to customers and recruits.

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what about your business would be most appealing to really smart, savvy individuals?

Most direct sellers think the answer to that question is a ground floor opportunity or an amazing compensation plan.

But I didn't ask you why people join. I asked you what smart, savvy individuals find most appealing about your business.

Brace yourself.

It isn't a ground floor opportunity, an amazing compensation plan, or even an incredible product.

It's a full calendar.

Nothing excites recruit prospects more than seeing your calendar full of bookings because that convinces prospects that you really do have a good business opportunity.

Once you integrate recruiting alongside booking and selling, your income increases even more dramatically.

So What's the Key to Getting a Calendar Full of Appointments?

First and foremost, you have to learn how to sell without being pushy!

Furthermore, you must understand why those pushy techniques actually convince the prospects that they don't want to buy from you or refer you to their friends and family.

You want to learn how to melt your prospects’ resistance as easily as M&Ms melt in your mouth. And now you can!

Learn the keys of generating more appointments and events at every home meeting in my program...

You Too Can Have Bookings Galore!

Once again, every thing I teach in this program establishes and insures your credibility and sincerity.

For the first time you will actually feel good about closing your prospects because you will have the confidence that your not going to push your prospects into doing something that they do not want to do.


I've been a successful Rep and Leader in Direct Sales for 16 years and I thought I had heard it all (and I'll admit that I probably thought I also knew it all), but just a quarter of the way into Tammy’s training and I was furiously re-writing my booking statements!

-H. O'Keefe

I have to say that Tammy Stanley’s training was the single best training I have heard in my 7 plus Silpada years! Easy and powerful!

-J. Kopetsky

I am getting results by using the 'real' verbiage you teach. Your fresh, honest, and fun approach is refreshing, and it works. Last night alone - 5 calls, 5 bookings - and I'm getting results with potential recruits too!

-R. Diederich



Maximizing Customer Satisfaction and Value:

You may find this difficult to believe but there are only three ways to increase your business.

That's right, just three ways.

If you're like most business owners and entrepreneurs, however, you focus primarily on only one way of those three ways - increasing the number of customers you have.

Interestingly enough, generating new customers is almost always the most expensive marketing strategy.

For years I invested thousands (yes, multiple thousands) of dollars to learn enough about marketing to become a marketing specialist. I attended very expensive marketing conferences (again, think in the thousands), and nowadays I often read a book as well as numerous newsletters and articles every week just on the subject of marketing alone.

But how does all that marketing expertise benefit you?

I know the most innovative strategies not only to get prospects listening but also to keep current customers buying from you again and again and recommending you to their friends.

Get ready to learn the top 5 ways to get customers excited to hear from you in my program...

Maximize Customer Retention and Sales

Because so few direct sellers know the strategies I teach, they leave thousands of dollars on the table for other merchants in similar businesses, when it could just as easily be theirs to take home.

Would you like to take home more money?

If so, I'm going to have an absolute blast showing you how to have customers brag about you to your face while they literally hand you their wallet. This program even includes numerous examples of promotions you can copy, promotions that got my customers rushing to the events I held.


I have heard a lot of speakers before but none compare with Tammy's personality or expertise! Her background in Direct Sales far surpasses anything I have read or heard.

H. Aroesty

All I can say is WOW! I learned more in an hour session recently at our Arizona Regional Conference than I have learned in 2 years of on the job training!

K. Poupore

It took just a few seconds to realize that Tammy’s experience is genuine and the information she has to share is invaluable for anyone wanting to succeed in any direct sales arena.

B. Jenkins

After listening to Tammy Stanley, I realized that I have spent a lot of time blaming everyone and everything else for my lack of success. Tammy's insights helped me realize that I have been my biggest stumbling block.

J. Cox



Now, a while back I asked you 
which of these would be most valuable to you:

  • Overcoming Phone Fears with Telephone Breakthroughs
  • Knowing A Powerful Way to Attract New Prospects
  • Ending “No Shows,” Postponements, and Cancellations 

  • Getting Your Calendar Booked Solid with Appointments
  • Maximizing Customer Satisfaction and Value

What if you didn't have to choose? What if by agreeing that all five of those topics are essential in developing a huge network marketing business, you could tap in on a near ridiculous financial windfall?

YOU CAN! With my...



The Ten Keys to Sky Rocketing Your Telephone Results 

Powerful Prospecting... Potent Results

How to Stop Postponements and Cancellations in the Home Party Business

You Too Can Have Bookings Galore! 

 Maximizing Customer Retention and Sales


What I've put together for you is a system that works. But more importantly, it's a system that you will be able to see yourself implementing.

Too many times in this profession, we are taught techniques that, frankly, are down right pushy.

What I show you is how to be straightforward, honest, and likable.

You are going to love the results you get from a direct approach that just isn't pushy.

I can't even tell you how many times people tell me, "Wow, I can see myself doing what you say," or "I love your straightforward approach."

By now you're probably wondering what it requires to get this system in your hands.

Well, I'm going to tell you, and I'm certain it's going to surprise you and thrill you how incredibly affordable I've made it.

My reasoning? I'm serious about helping you to develop a profitable direct sales business.

With 20 years in the business I thought I had heard it all, but Tammy shared information I had NEVER heard before.

Tammy explains the sales and booking process and helps direct sellers understand what really works.

-K. LaBrake

"From, how to leave messages that get prospects to call you back, to verbiage to use at your show to get prospects to engage, to the psychology behind what makes prospects purchase. It has all been so valuable to me and my business. I feel much more confidant knowing what to say on the phone and at shows and how to say it to get prospects to respond.

I purchased Tammy's entire set of training CD's because I felt this training was well worth every penny spent. I look forward to learning more from Tammy, whose experience in the direct sales world is so real, true and tested. It is always so good to learn from those who have been on the "front lines" and know what works and what doesn't work.

I highly recommend Tammy Stanley for direct sales training to give reps the critical information they need to maximize their sales opportunities."

-Kathy Poupore 
Silpada Designs


Just when you think it can't get any better, you discover that I provide downloadable cheat sheets and "playbooks" to go along with each of the audio CDs in my system that provide you with examples to use and copy.

Instead of just giving you information and expecting YOU to assemble it in a useful format you can actually use; I save you all that time and hassle, by doing it all for you!

It is truly like getting a blueprint to success along with every audio CD!

If you are thinking that as much as you need and want this training it's out of your price range, I have a pleasant surprise for you.

When you invest in my entire "STEP-BY-STEP PROSPECTING AND BOOKING SYSTEM" right now, and you generate just one to two more home parties in your calendar from all that you will learn from listening to these audios CDS, the whole system will be free.

The "pièce de résitance" is that you will learn exactly how to get those two bookings once you listen to the first CD in the series - Ten Keys to Sky Rocket Your Telephone Results.

On top of that I am going to knock more than $100 off the retail price because I want you to have this information more than I want the extra hundred dollars, and I don't want you coming up with excuses.

I know you will be so glad you purchased it as soon as you start listening.

That is why I am committed to making this totally affordable for you!

Now Let Me Remind You of All You Get With My 

Ten Keys to Sky Rocket your Telephone Results (Value $97)

As a network-marketing professional, you must learn how to use the telephone effectively. When you learn what not to say on the telephone and why, and when you learn how to assist your potential customers, and how to get the results you desire as well, you will undoubtedly make more room in your calendar for prospecting calls.

Discover why so many salespeople have found themselves excited to call their prospects after listening to this audio program!

Learn the simple yet powerful strategies to skyrocketing your telephone results:

  • How to avoid pushy salesman techniques and win with sincerity
  • How to STOP making the most common mistakes 95% of salespeople make on the phone
  • An easier way to more effectively follow up with prospects
  • The strategies and secrets master salespeople use to get prospects in the palm of their hand
  • The specific words that condition your prospects to say, "YES."

Powerful Prospecting Potent Results(Value $97)

By combining the techniques of vocalization with the ingenuities of savvy marketing, you learn what to say and how to say it. You learn to unite the influence of voice with the power of great marketing, which heightens communication, persuasion, presentation skills and results!

Here are some of the techniques you learn in this CD audio:

The top way to articulate a masterful message that holds any prospect's attention

How to turbo-charge your marketing with "the slightest edge" principle

How to impress your prospects on a subconscious level

Why you must unleash your influence in 42 words and how to accomplish that

3 specific techniques to speak outside the box of mediocrity

How To Stop Postponements, Improve Guest Attendance, and Increase Your Profits in the Home Party Business (Value $97)

Learn the system that shows why every hostess wants to keep her commitment, and how you can help her to do just that:

The Secret to Stopping Cancellations

Exactly How You Get a Hostess to KEEP Her ORIGINAL Commitment

The Top 5 Secrets to Coaching a Hostess to Do Exactly What You Want Her to Do

How To Expand Your Business with More Guests and Repeat Hostesses

Unless you?re already completely happy, thrilled with every aspect of your business and brimming to capacity with customers, there really is no good reason NOT to learn how to finally, once and for stop postponements, improve guest attendance and increase your profits in your home party business.

You Too Can Have Bookings Galore (Value $97)

Becoming a master at booking 2 shows from every show, as opposed to only one, easily increases your business by 300% in just 2 months of doing home shows.

And nothing excites a prospect more than seeing your calendar full of bookings; it not only gives a prospect the idea of looking at the business opportunity, it convinces the prospect that it must be a really good business opportunity.

You cannot afford to ignore the overwhelmingly positive impact of generating two bookings from every show!

Why you actually want objections from your prospects

Three simple keys to handling objections

How to melt any prospect's resistance to book a show

How to subliminally prepare your prospects to want to book a show

The one thing that transforms you from a pushy sales person to a welcomed friend

Maximizing Customer Retention and Sales (Value $97)

By learning why the real sale begins after a customer says, "Yes," you learn the most important and necessary strategies to keep customers buying from you again and again, even is their first purchase is not a large order.

Just some of what you will learn in this audio:

The most overlooked way of increasing your sales

Why and how most direct sales consultants leave hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on the table

The most innovative strategies to keep customers buying from you again and again

The top 7 most common marketing mistakes

Promotions that get customers rushing to your events

The entire package is valued at $485.00, but because you are willing to play full out and invest in this entire set, you can have them all for only $277.00.

Now, why am I offering this huge discount? Frankly, I understand that many direct sellers frequently put their business down, which leaves them with little spare cash lying around. If I asked you to invest $485.00, you'd probably start thinking of all the reasons you can't do it now.

But for only $277.00, I know you're thinking of all the reasons you have to take advantage of this. After all, even if you gathered only one tip that helped you generate one more booking a month, you would make at least 10 times what you invested in a year.

Of course, certain direct sales consultants say to themselves and to their upline, "I know that I really need this training, but I just can't afford it right now." Interestingly enough, you'll find those same reps spending nearly $5 for a venti carmel macchiato at Starbucks a few times a week, and $40 for a couple pizzas every Friday night!

Think about this. If you could change a few things in your business, change a few things about the way you do your business and suddenly experience a relief of stress and frustration accompanied by an influx of prospects, bookings, sales, and recruits, wouldn't you want to invest a measly couple hundred bucks to learn how? Of course you would. And you can.

It's actually a small investment for the secrets that transform your part-time business into a healthy full-time income!

I can't wait to box up your "STEP-BY-STEP PROSPECTING AND BOOKING SYSTEM" and get it in your hands!

Here's to Your Success,

Tammy Stanley


P.S. If you think you have heard it all before and that the information in my STEP-BY-STEP PROSPECTING AND BOOKING SYSTEM won't be anything new... you need this more than anyone! The day you stop learning -- you stop earning. I guarantee there are several things I reveal that YOU ARE NOT DOING and you should be.