Telephone Breakthrough — Prospecting Victory!

(Keynote Presentation or Workshop)

This program delivers! When salespeople discover how to present Irresistible Offers, their idleness and hesitation transform into spirited and effective sales performance.

Program Key Points:

  •  5 inconspicuous reasons to call prospects and follow up with past customers
  •  How to STOP making the common mistakes most salespeople make on the phone (This is key to achieving better receptivity and results)
  •  A simple way to use the phone and more effectively follow up with prospects (Salespeople love hearing how positively their prospects and customers respond)
  •  The strategies and secrets master salespeople use to get prospects in the palm of their hands (There are specific words that condition prospects to say, “Yes”)

Following this keynote presentation, participants will be able to:

  • See the necessity of picking up the phone and calling prospects and customers
  • Feel confident about calling prospects and customers
  • Make quick calls without wasting theirs or their customer’s time
  • Recognize and avoid pushy salesmanship
  • Quickly and easily get appointments and bookings

Most salespeople understand on a gut level that waiting for a better time to call is only cheating them from further expanding their sales business today.  But getting past a relentless, fear inflicting committee in their heads is no easy task.  Of course, if it were, top salespeople wouldn't be so desperately needed or so highly paid.

In order to overcome their fear of rejection and reluctance to prospect, salespeople need a comprehensive program that not only points out all the benefits from calling prospects and the dangers of failing to do so, but also clearly illustrates effective techniques that alleviate any concerns about pushy salesmanship.

In this workshop, salespeople accrue the collateral they need to feel good about calling prospects and customers. In addition, they learn 10 essential elements in any prospecting and/or follow-up call, the reasons why those elements are essential (this is what convinces them to use them), and the keys to assembling the perfect offer without a hint of “pushy salesman” tactics.