How To Seize The Phone


Call Your Prospects,
Even When You Lack Courage!


At Last! Knowing how to walk right past the voice of fear and seizing the phone is possible for you. But don't just take my word for it.

Here's what just a few of my customers are saying about my unique program:

This is the book that helps salespeople pick up the phone and call their prospects. Tammy knows how to get people to stop thinking and start calling.

I make sure all my salespeople have a copy of this book. If you have any difficulty picking up the phone and calling prospects, this book is a must read!

Don't think about it. Get it today and start reading.

-Esther Spina
National Consultant Ambit Energy and Author of The Ambitious Woman

With the help of many resources, including yours, which was the best, I can stand in my office, headset on, and make cheerful calls without fear or trepidation and without forecasting failure."

-Bob Dunn
Homelife Glenayre Realty

"This is a very deceptive book. It looks thin and easy to read. On one level it is. It is clear, well written, and it makes you stop and think. But somehow Ms Stanley has cut right to the heart and soul of every salesman.

She speaks of that voice inside your head we all have. Inside these pages you will find the type of attitudes and beliefs needed to not only carry through but win the day.

If you have to overcome obstacles in your day and life , this little book is one you need beside the phone or on your desktop." 

R. Nordman

"I got much more than I had hoped for in Tammy Stanley's book "Carpe Phonum". Tammy details areas of your personality that keep you from using the phone as an effective tool for business success.

Carpe Phonum" is not another self help book, it is more accurately described as a self exploration book with real life solutions to a problem all business people face. Well worth your time and money."

E. Amparan, Sales Mgr. Innovative Green Technologies

"FEAR was a major obstacle in my life! I was actually dumbfounded when I listened to Tammy's CD Carpe Phonum because I felt as though Tammy had peaked into my daily activities and was narrating my life!

Tammy's advice helped me work through my fear and find the courage that was hiding just outside of ACTIVITY!!!

I would highly recommend Tammy Stanley to anyone who wants MORE out of life, and isn't achieving the results they desire!!!"

Marilyn Cahill, Mary Kay Cosmetics

"I've never met anyone as passionate about helping others succeed as Tammy Stanley. Her words will get into your head!

Tammy helps you solve your reluctance to make calls for your business once and for all!"

-Susie Nelson, Small Business Growth Strategist

"If you've ever had difficulty picking up the phone, then you need to implement the principals and techniques Tammy Stanley outlines in "Carpe Phonum."I spend a lot of time on the phone and found several things that have already made it easier to make those sales calls I don't really want to make.

For what you get Tammy should be charging ten times what's she's asking. This is a no-brainer if you're truly interested in being able to get over the fears you have about using the phone."

- Jon Keel of Improved Results, LLC

"In my opinion, Carpe Phonum is a thought provoking pragmatic approach that strikes the heart of "phone phobia" by identifying and neutralizing the defenseless, yet powerful insidious false self living within each of us.

This is a must for salespeople afflicted with "sales call reluctance", particularly those desperately seeking a magical cure-all to relieve the condition."

- Stan Galkin, Defend Yourself, LLC


The Book AND

4CD Digital Audio Recording

You'll be able to listen within minutes of ordering!

Here's what you'll learn:

  • The way out of the dungeon of self-sabotage

  • How to bolster your strengths and disable your weaknesses

  • How to take action even before you feel successful enough to do so

  • The secret weapon that transforms fear from a foe into a friend

  • How to quiet that trouble voice that always seems to lead you off the track to success

  • What empowers fear to seem so real

  • The simple process to finally get the spotlight off of fear and on to YOU

  • The formula to implement and experience immediate results!

  • The reason you must stop waiting for a cure all

  • How to have a day of ceaseless value

  • The danger of thinking about past or future rejections

  • The best way to feel successful

  • How to dramatically improve your self-confidence

  • The amazing power of two little words

  • Why your mind dwells on the past

  • How your mind steals your future away from you

  • Why you continue to get what you don't want

  • Spiritual insights that sky-rocket your ability to tell everyone about your product and/or service

  • The one thing all extremely successful people know about courage.

In Addition to the book and the Digital Audio Version of Carpe Phonum, you'll also receive:

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The famous marketer, Dan Kennedy once said, "Everyone should run, not walk, across broken glass to hear Mike Vance."

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Here's to you seizing your phone,

Tammy Stanley


P.S. Just think! You'll never again suffer through the pain of listening to a little voice that talks you out of making sales calls all day long, only to chastise you later for not making those calls. It's time to stop the vicious cycle of self-sabotage. Order Carpe Phonum,  and discover how to seize the phone today.

P.P.S. Imagine if you could wake up tomorrow morning and suddenly found yourself doing what you don't even have the courage to do!