Solicitation Policy

About Donations:

 Because Tammy Stanley is in the public view and has a substantial list of subscribers, she receives numerous weekly requests for donations from her subscribers and from people who have seen her speak.

While she understands that your causes are important to you, she requests that you go to your own communities, that is the people who personally know you, when asking for donations.

Tammy Stanley considers the organizations that she supports and the extent to which she supports them a very personal matter.

About Soliciting

Because Tammy Stanley is in the public view and has a substantial list of subscribers who are salespeople, she receives rather constant solicitations from those salespeople to buy their products. While Tammy certainly enjoys great products, she requests that you do not send her products and catalogs trying to make her feel obligated to purchase from you. 

Just as you only receive Tammy’s ezine by subscribing to it yourself, Tammy requests that she is not added to any company newsletter unless she herself subscribes to it.

Please refrain from asking Tammy to join you in your specific direct sales or network marketing company. Tammy is the founder and CEO of The Tammy Stanley Sales Refinery, which is committed to making a difference to direct selling companies and their people around the world.