How to Stop Postponements In The Home Party Business

 How To Stop Postponements In The Home Party Business


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  • 4 Training Modules

  • An action plan to keep you on track

  • Exactly how you make it easy for hostesses to keep their commitment

  • How to easily persuade people to book with you at the home party, without being salesy, pushy, or aggressive

  • Exactly how to level with your hostesses about the invitation process so that they keep inviting people up until the last minute.

  • How to inspire hostesses without overwhelming them

  • The specific step that gets repeat hostesses to expand your business more than ever before!

  • How to get the right guests to show up, guests that will want to buy from you and book with you.

  • The coaching that prevents hostesses from feeling discouraged by last minute guest cancellations.

  • The best tactic to keeping refreshments in the background and your products in the foreground!

  • My turn-key hostess coaching system.